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Apr 29, 2013 6:00am EDT
-- when you talk about obama care, it has been a big issue. has it changed your perspective, slowed anything down or does it matter? >> it slowed down the sales due to uncertainty in health care providers and what they can pay for and what happens with medicaid and medicare spending. to really deal with long-term demographics. >> you mentioned immigration, visa issue and engineers. >> yes. >> we have people -- companies constantly talk about that. are there really not enough engineers in this country? you can't find them efficiently? what is the real problem? >> there are not coming through the programs. >> you cannot find them for your specific issue? >> we can't find enough. it is very, very difficult. >> it's a great career. but you go back. like when the president said you have a drink with mitch mcconnell. come engineering, any of those things. i wonder how do we get people to realize what a great future they would have if they boit the bullet. how do we do it? or do we let all the foreigners. >> i've been told, and i could be wrong on this, there are two levels. there's very h
May 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
. people say may day, may day. anyway, ross, thank you for that report. we'll talk a little bit about washington news and this catches you up on what we were talking about before when we mentioned mark zandi. president obama's expected to nominate venture capitalist and former wireless cable lobbyist tom wheeler to head the federal communications commission. the announcement is expected today. wheeler served as an informal adviser to president obama for the last couple years and went into the business after the helm of the cable association and wireless group ctia. meantime, i just got ahead of myself on the mark zandi stuff. president obama is expected to nominate melvin watt to lead the fhfa, the regulator that oversees lending giants fannie mae and freddie mac. did i -- what did i say? he is a democrat from north carolina who served in the house for 20 years. he will replace edward dimarco, who was appointed by george w. bush. this is where you're supposed to say, honey, come watch "squawk" immediately, this is big. >> that's right. honey, get in here! dimarco's leaving! they're pu
May 2, 2013 6:00am EDT
twice as big as sandy that hit the east coast. no one talks about it. we had a mayor in new york say we need to vote for barack obama because of sandy, because of climate change. there were three storms just as big, bigger that hit the east coast in one year. >> yeah. >> we didn't have the same c02 levels in 1954. >> no. we can go on having a debate whether there's change going on. all i can tell you is that change is taking place. we are seeing different weather patterns, different behaviors. what is popt for the growth of the economies and the security is that government and insurers work together to minimize the impact. >> can we go back to the idea of hot money coming into the insurance agency. we're always trying to figure out where the next bubbles are being created. not necessarily in the lloyd's marketplace s. that a bubble that's being created. >> i wouldn't say as of now. but there is a danger. there is a significant danger that could happen. because if you take lloyd's where we are i would say the last five years, we have been very successful. average return on capital is 14.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3